The CRI has an extensive basket of services, with the focus on supporting the growth of the medicinal cannabis capability in South Africa, including drug development in the cannabis medicinal, veterinary, and complementary fields. Through this, the CRI’s activities also indirectly provide economic benefit, for both current and future markets within the cannabis community. The Institute employs a multidisciplinary approach, with the main operations being analysis, certification and research and development. In support of these processes, the CRI further focuses on human resource development, facilitating the collaboration between different role-players in the cannabis sphere, including those in the industry, (investors, cultivators and manufacturers), academia (researchers and innovators) and government (regulators).

- Analysis

To meet local and international regulatory standards, the CRI has taken particular care and pride in selecting their cannabis laboratory. This is an integral part in establishing quality and supporting the development of the cultivated cannabis to the final, reliable, reproducible, quality medicinal product. To this end, the Afriplex Cannabis Laboratory, was nominated as the laboratory of choice by the Institute. Afriplex is not only SAHPRA GMP certified, but is also the first licensed cannabis processor in South Africa, making them an ideal partner to the Institute.

Analysis is done on material in any phase of the process, thus from seed to end product. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), analysis equipment and real-time data analysis help run each leg of the analytical process and facilitate service excellence. Quantitative assays are used to ascertain the quantification of THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG or CBN in the respective laboratory samples. Further analyses include detection of growth enhancers, pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals as well as evaluating for the presence of any fungi, bacterial, mould or other pathogens.

- Certification

The CRI aims to offer certification across all areas of the cannabis industry, from cultivation facilities, all the way through to consumer products, ensuring that safety, quality and efficacy requirements as well as international regulatory requirements are met throughout the product life cycle.

Potential CRI certification candidates include, cultivation facilities, analytical laboratories, processing facilities, consumer products and educational programmes.

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CRI Certification Badge

- Research

The CRI is involved in various research projects, spanning across the different areas of the cannabis industry.

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