The CRI is well positioned as the only dedicated cannabis research institution in Southern Africa. With an extensive basket of services focussing on developing the country’s medicinal cannabis capability, the CRI is taking the lead in keeping South Africa on the forefront of innovation. Furthermore, it is the aim of the CRI to offer certification across all areas of the cannabis industry, from cultivation facilities, all the way through to consumer products. This initiative sets the standard for the medical cannabis industry, ensuring that not only safety, quality and efficacy requirements are met throughout the product life cycle, but also international regulatory requirements.

Potential CRI certification candidates include, cultivation facilities, analytical laboratories, processing facilities, consumer products and educational programmes.

- Cultivation facilities

The inherent complexity of natural medicines, especially cannabis, requires stringent quality control throughout the product lifecycle. This starts at the genetic traceability and cultivation environment of the plant. Ensuring a consistent and contaminant free cultivation process is essential for ensuring the quality of the product as it moves towards the end consumer.

- Analytical laboratories

Analytical laboratories are crucial from cultivated cannabis all the way to final products, playing an integral part in determining quality and in supporting the development of reliable and reproducible products and services.

- Processing facilities

Processing facilities are required to be GMP-licenced, ensuring plant material are processed according pharmaceutical standards. The CRI’s extensive experience with botanical extraction technologies enables us to provide guidance and auditing services that ensures the quality complicated requirements are met to ensure that derived products are safe and efficious.

- Consumer products

A number of quality consumer products have been certified, including capsules, oils, teas, shots, functional topicals and pet oils.

- Educational programmes

Certifying educational programmes supports the CRI’s goal to develop a sustainable local cannabis industry by educating the consumer, medical practitioners and industry participants throughout the value chain. The establishment of reputable and relevant educational programmes will contribute to the much-needed development of human capital and job creation in South Africa.

Before certification can be awarded, applicants undergo a rigorous auditing process, with the certification only being awarded to those candidates meeting all of the criteria set by the CRI. This is done to ensure facilities, processes, and products across the industry conforms to international standards and are compliant, adhering to the current requirements as set by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).

General requirements for certification include:

- Certification by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA)

- Adherence to the licence conditions set by the SAHPRA

- Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as well as other applicable industry standards.

- A certified traceability system

- A comprehensive quality and compliance audit

Approved entities are allowed to use the CRI certification logo on their promotional material, with the logo therefore indicating the stamp of approval from the CRI and enabling the market to easily identify products and services certified by the CRI. With this certification, the CRI is setting a standard for the industry while also providing the market with a clear way of identifying compliant products and services.

CRI Certification Badge

The Institute is also proud to be one of the contributors to the establishment of The Medical Standard™

CRI the medical standard

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