(CRI) Cannabis Research Institute

(CRI) Cannabis Research Institute

Centre of Excellence in the field of cannabis and cannabinoid therapy management in Africa

We work

We work

with South African and international research organisations, universities and high-tech innovative companies.




The Cannabis Research Institute (CRI) of South Africa is the first Centre of Excellence in the field of cannabis and cannabinoid therapy management in Africa. The CRI incorporates the use of multidisciplinary approaches to further advance cannabis medicinal, veterinary and complementary drug development. We incorporate clinical research and data analytical trials as well as developing cutting-edge methodology and utilizing state of the art equipment and technology.



Over the last eighteen months, the CRI has been working tirelessly to bring cannabis analytical capabilities up to Department of Health and the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) regulations to meet the Section 22C (1)(b) and Section 22D in conjunction with Regulation 23 and 24 of the Medicines and Related Substance Act of 1965 license standards. It allows participants in the cannabis industry to cultivate cannabis and cannabis resins, extract and test various forms of cannabis, manufacture cannabis containing medicine as well as import, export and distribute cannabis containing medicines within the parameters of the SAHPRA and the International Narcotic Controls Board (INCB).

It is imperative that the government regulates and limits the quantities of cultivated and manufactured cannabis products in South Africa to ensure that the INCB quotas are maintained and excess unregulated products and by-products do not filter into the world market. To meet local and international regulatory standards the CRI has taken particular care and pride in selecting our cannabis laboratory which will be instrumental in establishing the quality and evolution of the cultivated cannabis to the final, reliable, reproducible, quality medicinal product.


The Cannabis Laboratory takes on a three-tiered approach:

Receiving, identifying and processing

End product analysis

Research and Development

Partnerships & Advisors

The CRI is partnered with South African and international research organisations. We work with universities, high-tech innovative companies and other corporations to provide research-based proven approaches to cannabis and cannabinoid therapy management. The combined services and capabilities of the CRI sets the industry standards for Southern African industries for the application of best practice and good governance in cannabis producing facilities. The CRI partners with government and other local and international regulatory bodies to develop and help implement policies pertaining to Good Agricultural and Cultivation Practice (GACP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

The CRI co-ordination of parties invested in cannabis production for medicinal use creates a synergy between: shareholders, trained and informed personnel, innovative research and development, LIMS and data analysis, and most importantly from the medical professional to the patient.

We are proud to contribute to the establishment of The Medical Standardâ„¢.


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